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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I began my drift at what I refer to as "The Park", since in all the times I've been there, I've never bothered to learn the name. I wanted to do this drift with a specific theme, but as I was feeling quite ill I just began snapping shots left and right. I must also apologize in advance for the low quality of these shots as I do not yet have a camera of artistic quality. (DEAL WITH IT)

 Some stencil that had been sprayed on the ground. I was here 2 weekends ago and this wasn't here, so it immediately caught my eye. 

 Whenever I see this crank I can't help but think of Half-Life 2. I've plotted to spray-paint this red, but I doubt I ever will work up the balls to do so.

 I feel like such a fag for leaving the shadow in. :( I've always thought these sorts of things would make good b/w textures however.

 This was branded on top of a one of those newspaper boxes outside of a bar. Enough said.

But, what if it isn't my money, can I still want it now? 

I think the text in the background says, "Titty Machine", but I don't recall exactly. This was a random alley I just wandered down, but it led to much more intricate and awesome graffiti.

I was going to take a perspective shot, but there was a broken down homeless guy sleeping huddled in a corner and I would have felt bad. 

This just sorta caught my eye, as if it was some kind of miniature android that had been crucified and disemboweled for some horrendous crime. As soon as I walked up the back alley, a man called to my attention. He took his feet off of the small dog that he was using as a leg-rest and he sat up in his lawn-chair chair on the second story of his apartment balcony, puffed on his cigarette and interjected, "What, may I ask, was the purpose of you taking that picture?", after which I explained the drift project. He gulped down some of his cheap beer and told me of a similar art project he'd done back in his college days. We then respectfully told each-other to "take it easy" and I continued on my quest.

I really wish I  had a descent camera for this shot. It would have made for a great "objects in space" image.

I actually took this in order to check out the band, which I have yet to do. I have my doubts about how much I'll like it, but curiosity will eventually get the best of me. 


What initially drew me in this direction was the beat he was playing, so I kindly asked him if I could snap a shot of him. He just smiled and said "Of course." I then thanked him and stuffed my last dollar into his plastic cup. A man's gotta get hoochie somehow...

 At this point I was just snapping photos at random. This bus was in motion, btw. QUICKPHONECAMSKILLS

This is an accurate depiction of Reno, Nevada/ 

Again, wish I had a better camera...

...because this is what the shot should have looked like...

I was dying from my stomach digesting cold pills at this point and my lungs had been hating me this whole time. I began heading back to my car. I'm surprised at the quality of this horrid phone-camshot though. 

I shot this guy a thumbs up as I was taking the photo. I got one in return and instantly felt awesome, even though I felt like shit.

This is the last stencil I saw. I missed it as I was exiting the park since it was facing away from my car, so I walked right passed it, but I didn't miss it on the way back. However, I kept cutting the top off so I quickly got this one and returned to my car which in turn took me to my home.

The End or something.


  1. Cool pictures dude, i agree you should paint that handle/crank red man!

  2. real nice photos and descriptions, was fun to see Reno from a bit different perspective

  3. this really makes me want to start using my expensive camera again. welcoming me back to the scene thank you

  4. dude, these are so awesome! =D

  5. Just stumbled upon your blog! Looks amazing!

  6. I finally found ya! Awesome photos man.

  7. I thought the images were powerful. You don't need a good camera to take interesting photos. I LOVE your point of view!